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The ball starts with one pod. As they are lifted the jumper is held in the air until the next pod is lifted. When the next pod reaches the top of their jump the ball is lobbed to that jumper. Once the ball has been caught they can go back to ground.

The drill continues in this way, with players working together in a piston like fashion.

Coaching points


  • knees bent, hands out ready to react
  • Move into the space of the jumper, and lift through the legs
  • Extend arms and get as close to the jumper as possible
  • Lock out arms at the top
  • Bring jumpers down safely


  • Arms tucked in, ready to react and jump
  • Step in and use arms to give momentum
  • Extend body and arms at the top of the jump
  • Turn away from opposition as you come down from jump, and remember to keep legs slightly bent to reduce chance of over-extending knees on impact of landing


Be sure to have your pods set up at a reasonable distance from each other. As a coach the best position for you would be in the centre of the circle, as you can stand in one spot and view each pod's movements and technique.

If you want an OT ball (off the top) or to ground and pop you can receive the ball and throw it up to the next pod.

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Drill tags: lifting, line-out, lineout, piston

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