Rugby Drill Demonstration



  • Two players stand either side of a tackle tube (tackle tube on the floor 'stood up').
  • The coach shouts go and the two players turn inwards to face each other and the tube.
  • The players then get set in a low position before lifting the tube into the air.


  • Three players. One in the middle faces forwards. One player either side holds a tackle tube.
  • The coach shouts left or right (or a call to their discretion) for the middle player to turn to.
  • The middle player and the teammate on that side lift the tackle tube into the air the same as the first drill.


  • Three players. Two players set up in the set position either side of one tackle tube, while the other player is set on their own behind a tackle bag facing inwards.
  • The player on the outside of the two runs quickly round their first bag, to join the player on their own.
  • Together the players lift the tube into the air, as per the first two drills.

Coaching points


  • Players starting positions are low, knees bent and ready.
  • When turning to face each other, knees should bend again to push force into the ground in order to lift the tube with strength, as if it were a teammate.
  • Arms should be straight when the tube is in the air.


  • Middle player should turn and move quickly to whichever side is called.
  • Side players should be ready at all times to lift.


  • This progression is as if the lineout call in the match tells a player to move from the front of the lineout to the back or the back to the front.
  • The moving player should move quickly, keeping a low body position if possible in order to be ready to lift the tube into the air.

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