Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Lay out four cones in a square.
  • Lineout thrower stands on one cone and three lineout pod players on the next cone round.
  • The front and back players face inwards towards the middle player.
  • The lineout taker throws to the middle players as the front and end players lift the middle man into the air.
  • The lineout taker then runs to support and receives the pass from the middle man as they are on the way down.
  • The lineout taker is then in place, and the three pod players run round to the next cone.
  • The game has effectively reset, and the lineout takes place again.
  • Overall there will be four lineout throws in the game.

Coaching points

  • Lineout thrower to focus on height, trajectory and speed of lineout. Throws should reach middle pod player at the top of the lift.
  • Catching player in the pod needs to ensure the pass back to the thrower is timed as the the catcher is on the way down.
  • Drill tags: lineout

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