Rugby Drill Demonstration

Coaching points


  • Move dynamically into a position from which you can easily be supported.
  • Maintain a long body shape (brace by squeezing butt cheeks) to ensure that both you and support players can maintain control.
  • Sight ball through hands as you extend arms to catch.
  • Communicate with your support players to manage your safe return to the ground.
  • Make a two-footed landing and bend at the knees.
Support players
  • Move with the jumper into space. Wide base - feet shoulder width apart.
  • Adopt a squat position with a flat back, bend at the knees and keep the chest up.  
  • HINT: A good way to teach this skill to improving players is to use the progressions shown here: support players only, support players with tackle shield, support players with tackle bag, support players with jumper.
  • Grip with palms towards jumper and fingers open.

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