Drill Categories

Ball Presentation Drills

Ball presentation is how the ball-carrier makes the ball available to a teammate after they have been tackled. The ball presentation videos and drills...

Defensive Patterns Drills

Defensive patterns are the positions your players take up when stopping opposition attacks. By developing your players knowledge of defensive pattern...


3 Second 3 Player Touch

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following.....

  1. This game is about support and ensuring that support is close to the ball carrier.
  2. This ...

3 Touch Kick

category: Warm-Up

Split your players into two teams, giving one group of players a set of coloured bibs to set them apart, and quickly tell your players the followin...

3 Vs 2 - Sprint To Support

category: Decision-making

15m x 35m Grid.

1 Attacker starts on the half way line of the grid, with the other two outside of the grid back to back with two defenders. ...

3-Kick Warmup

category: Kicking

Drill to warm up/practice different types of kick.

Players form two lines in the 15m channels with all the balls starting on one side.


5 Vs 5

category: Tag-Rugby

Pitch 20m x 20m. All players wearing tag belts

Start the game with a free pass, defenders must be 7m back at the start

Attacking play...

Another Defender Bites The Dust

category: Warm-Up

  • Normal laws of rugby apply; a knock on etc. results in a turn over.
  • The attacking team gets unlimited touches.
  • A player is ...

Attack The Space

category: Tag-Rugby

The pitch is divided into two halves

The defenders must start at opposite corners of the pitch

The attacker must have at least one pl...

Attack/Defend Big Time

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following......

  1. Players will standing at the midway point of the playing area, about 25 meters in.
  2. Tell...

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Developing the Maul

Work on your team's maul technique with this session, improving their current ability to create, secure and defend the maul

Community Drills

Autosave 100001590

Bulldogs. Everybody knows it. Here for U7s. Aim for the runners to get from one end of the pitch to the other. The Bulldogs stop them by,in this case,...

Atomic Touch

Two teams split evenly one attacking one defending, the attacking team has a ball. The attackers can run and pass with ball in hand in any direction. ...

Autosave 34113697

As it is the first session back the main drill won't be to intense. I will be using just a simple line passing drill that has a number of progress...

Autosave 46124281

Dicky bows- with a partner either full length or half the pitch. 10 runs lifting the pace of the running trhough.Running technique, body high through ...