Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The two feeders should be 15 meters apart and will........
  1. Feed the left most attacking unit with a ball, they will move forward at pace passing down the line and setting the ball down when it hits the last receiver.
  2. The first feeder will without delay pass the ball onto the right attacking unit, they will do the same as the left attacking unit, on their side of the pitch.
  3. Both attacking lines should realign and take a ball from the second feeder, before turning and working their way up the pitch, running the same exercise.
  4. Players should change their position in the line.

Coaching points

  • Draw the ball back for more power.
  • Have the confidence to work outside your comfort zone.
  • Provide a target, encourage.
  • Come onto the ball at pace, don't decease speed while carrying the ball.
  • Use a spin pass over distance.
  • Realign quickly.
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