Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • It's important that the defence does the following......
  1. They have numbers, so press up fast but.....
  2. Slow down when space is closed, listen to the leader, and assess what is happening.
  3. Go in hard when a decision is made to do so. So they ZOOM UP FAST, SLOW, ZOOM TO THE HIT.

Coaching points

  • Players should understand that line speed does not always needs to be constant.
  • There needs to be a leader, others need to not only talk, but listen.
  • Keywords are used for communication and players should understand what those words mean.
  • Defenders should be aware of the position of other defenders to their left and right.
  • Defenders should aim to win the contact, when committed.
  • Defenders need to be aware of defending the offload.

The Drill is often used with

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