Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • The two players in the middle of the circle will be defenders, it is their job to try and intercept the ball that is being passed, or to block the pass.
  • The other players have to keep the balls moving, they cannot pass to the player beside them, and they have only 2 seconds to make their pass.
  • Give 4 different players the balls, and lets get going.
  • Don't forget to change the defenders.

Coaching points

  • Heads need to be up, scanning, predicting, and reacting.
  • Receivers hands are out.
  • Passes are not spun when they do not need to be.
  • Passes are weighted correctly.
  • Player should have fun with this and stretch themselves a little.
  • Players should be encouraged to pick up the speed of the pass from player to player.
  • Good communication, call the pass.
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