Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • One of the players in a group of 4 should be an attacker, and should take the pad.
  • The other 3 players will be defenders.
  • The attacker will start at the top of the grid, and the defenders start at the bottom, one behind the other, see the diagram.
  • Tell the players the following.....
  1. The attacker will advance, trying to avoid contact.
  2. The opposite defender should track and hit the pad.
  3. They players reset, and the next player goes.
  • Don't forget to change the player on the pad.

Coaching points

  • Hands out, shoulders big.
  • Head up scanning and reacting to the attacker.
  • Strong, shoulder contact mid pad.
  • Wrap tight, possible taking a leg.
  • Drive through the contact.
  • Win the contact, hit harder and fast than the targets speed.

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