Drill Categories

Agility & Running Skills Drills

Agility is how quickly your players can move while staying balanced and flexible. Running to evade the tackle, move into space for a pass and change d...

Kicking Drills

Use the kicking drills and videos below to develop your players' accuracy, technique, tactical awareness and skills so they know the right kick to use...


Going To Ground And Rucking

category: Ruck

Two players from the same side run with the ball towards a single defender. When the ball carrier is in front of the defender they should go to the gr...

Ruck, Hold

category: Ruck

Ball carrier goes to ground and places ball Support player drives into defender but cannot drive him off RUCK FORMED. offside lines now in place

Contact Pop Pass Contact

category: Warm-Up

Ball carrier goes forward, hitting in on the shield, turning to pop the call to a support player who passes the ball across the grid into the second ...

Rip And Ruck

category: Maul

Players stand in a circle, about 5 meters apart.Two player, one with a ball, positioned in the centre of the circle.The ball carrier (player 1) runs t...

Ball Presentation Drill

category: Ball-Presentation

The ball carrier and one support player runs towards the other group and, at the middle the ball carrier goes to ground and presents the ball. The su...

Ruck, Setup

category: Ruck

ContactGo to groundPresent ball

Press Up Position

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following...... They should advance in 2's. Hit in on the bag with their shoulder, driving forward and placing their hands on th...

The Dropkick

category: Kicking

Players dropkick the ball, aiming to land the ball inside the area and then follow their kick. They then pick up the ball, run around the cone and rej...

3 V Tackle Bag And Body Suit

category: Off-Loads

3 attackers start at the beginning of the grid who will go up against the tackle bag first and then the person in the body suit second; these two s...

3 V Tackle Bag And Body Suit

category: Passing

3 attackers start at the beginning of the grid who will go up against the tackle bag first and then the person in the body suit second; these two s...

Web Videos

Brutal rugby hits

Thanks for watching!! » Youtube channel : ... » FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Dollsliving?ref=hl Massive rugbu ...



Community Drills

Barbarians 1973 Cardiff Arms Park.

In the second minute of the game Brian Williams gets the ball from Ian Kirkpatrick and kicks it deep inside the Barbarian 22. Phil Bennett picks up th...

Offensive Training Week 2

3v1 scenario. The player scooping the ball will quickly realise that outrunning the defender is not so easy by him or herself. Have an additional play...

Regaining Attacking Structure

2/3 team rotationExercise starts off with Multi-directional touch in the blue square, played until A makes 8 passes or D makes a touchOnce this happen...

IRB Rugby Ready - Ruck / The ruck

Player on ground:Fall at 90 degrees to attackHit ground with knee-hip-shoulder in that orderkeep the ball in 2 handswhen on the floor place the ball b...