Drills: Training drills

Shooting - group practice Netball
Shooting - group practice
Player 3 starts with the ball and passes the ball to Player 2
Footwork Netball
The player that is the worker receivies 3 passes to the left.
Marking player and intercepting Netball
Marking player and interce
Blue 1 and 2 passing to each other. No. 3 is dodging from si
Changing Direction Netball
Changing Direction
4 cones are placed as shown in diagram. Red player 1 runs to
Quick Passing Netball
Quick Passing
Split the group into 8s.2 Balls starting with Player 1 and Player 4. T
King Ball Netball
King Ball
Each team has a King (player) standing on their bench. /p&
Step and pass (left) Netball
Step and pass (left)
Starting position 4ft from wall
Zone defence Netball
Zone defence
Groups of 8. 1 ball. 2 defenders in each section of the court. 2 attac
Dodge/Shoot/Rebound Netball
Blue player 1 dodges to receive from blue 2. Feed out and do
Turning and changing direction Netball
Turning and changing direc
Individually, run into a space. On the whistle jump into the
Defensive footwork Netball
Defensive footwork
Player 1 holds the ball out in front.Player 2 runs round one way then
Full Netball Court Netball
Full Netball Court
Attacking Centre Pass Netball
Attacking Centre Pass
GA and WA start on the line squeezing their defende
Quick Passing Netball
Quick Passing
Split the group into 8s. 2 Balls starting
Position Learning Netball
Position Learning
Players jog, hop or skip etc. round the outside of the court. When tea
Criss-Cross Pass Netball
Criss-Cross Pass
6 or more players, 2 balls Both blue play
Rotating and turning Pass Netball
Rotating and turning Pass
Blue player 1 throws to Blue player 3 who runs forwards to me
Zone-defence1 Netball
Groups of 8. 1 ball. 2 defenders in each section of
Passing diagonally then straight Netball
Passing diagonally then st
Have two lines of players both stood behind a cone on the edg