Forehand Drag Dummy

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Forehand drag dummy Video Techniques Players start with the ball at 6 then run to the 3 do a dummy and drag the ball of the right foot to the ...

Dribble - Forehand Drag

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Dribble - forehand drag Video Techniques - Perform the indian dribble outside of the right foot.

Elimination Skills: V-Drag 180 Degrees

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Elimination Skills: V-drag 180 degrees Moving with the ball - 180 degree change of direction - Useful when running into a dead space - Allows ...

Open Stick Drag

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Open Stick Drag Moving with the ball Setup the practice as shown. ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own professional ...

Web Videos

Drag flicks - the best ever

Hello, in today's video I will be showing you the best drag flicks ever! The drag flicks will be from the best drag flickers in international field ho...

Hockey - dragging and spinning

Played across 135 local schools, Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Singapore. It requires the speed of an Olympic sprinter, agility and athl...



Community Drills

Minefield and Pass

The balls will start in the corners:1. Walk towards blue minefield and make large drags and movements and then pass the ball along the line to number ...