Advanced Attacking Play: Beating the man-to-man Defence

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Most teams nowadays play with 1/2 or 3/4 court presses, with a tight man to man marking system underpinning their press. Because of this the team playing against such a system will be very vulnerable to losing possession and being caught out by the fast break.

To help your side avoid being caught out when playing against a well-drilled opposition in this advanced attacking session we focus on how to get the better of a solid defending side.

Key Points in the Session:

  • Be patient in possession
  • Attack wide and not through the middle
  • Switch between positions to drag defenders out of position to create space for other players

To really make things difficult for your opposition this session works on getting your attack and midfield to switch position on the wings, dragging their markers completely out of position and creating openings down the wings for a well-timed pass!

Try this session today to get your players moving up and down the pitch to outsmart man-marking teams!

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