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Objective: Build a sound technical model for hitting the ball focussing on ball position.

Purpose: With a sound technical model, the ball position is vital to hitting a flat, accurate and powerful shot or pass.  

Structure: Pairs


Coaching points

  • Aim to get the ball just inside the left heel at impact (Depending on the bow in the stick, this may vary slightly)
  • If the ball is too far forward in the stance, it will likely be dragged to the left and if too far back, the face will be slightly open at impact, sending it off to the right.
  • Keep the hands low and level with the knees and the feet square, and inline with the target. (Keeping square will allow the right hip to rotate round and through the impact to generate more power.)
  • Posture should be good, with bent knees so the players doesn't need to move their head and bob up and down into the hit.


  • Add disguise to the hit by altering the ball position. Have the ball slgithly infront to strike it later in the swing to add some disguise to the left.
  • Likewise, to hit it to the right, have it further back in the stance and keep the stick face open. 

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