Hockey Drill Demonstration



Objective: Build a sound technical model for hitting the ball, focussing on the body position.

Purpose: Adopting the right body position for a technically sound model of the hit will ensure a firm, flat and accurate pass or shot.

Structure: Pairs 


Coaching points

  • Keep the body side on, and the stance pointing towards the target.
  • At impact, the right hio should come through to generate power. (If the stance is closed by stepping towards the ball, the right hip can't rotate through causing other aspect of the technique to compensate and be out of position.)
  • Keep the head inline with the ball, rather than over the ball. This will allow space for a smooth swing.
  • Try to keep the body as still as possible at impact. (Often, when the ball is too close the alignment of the body changes, causing a poor strike and resulting pass or shot.)
  • Encourage the player to keep their chest facing the ball and to kiss the right shoulder as they rotate their shoulders through impact.

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