Hockey Drill Demonstration



Objective: Build a sound technical model for hitting the ball, starting with the grip.

Purpose: Having the right grip for a hit will allow help in providing a flat accurate pass or shot at goal.

Structure: Pairs 


Coaching points

  • The "V"s between the thumb and the index finger should be down the edge of the stcik.
  • The hands should be touching, with no gap whatsoever between the hands.  
  • Grip the stick firmly with the left hand with a more relaxed right hand with a slope with a trigger grip so that it doesn't overpower the top hand. (A strong right hand will close the stick face, causing a mis-hit and wil squeeze the ball into the turf.)
  • When transferring from a dribbling grip, to a hitting grip, it's vital the left hand adjusts to get the 'V' pointing down the top odge of the stick to keep stick face neutral at impact.
  • Slide the right hand up to the left hand into the hitting grip poisiton.

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