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I'm looking for suggestions on set plays for free hits?

I'm looking for suggestions on set plays for free hits going into the circle. High school rules in the US now state that all players (attack/defense) must be 7 yards from the ball. What plans will work for drawing corners and goal scoring opportunities?

one particular drill is where a player starts of in the centre of the D and sprints to a wide position in the D, receives the ball and slaps it across the goal 1st time to the far post where a forward should be waiting. Hope that helps!

It is a good idea to set some concepts instead of a set routine, because each free hit is likely to be different. here is one idea tell your players that if you get a free hit close to the D one or two of the players should try to run in a straight line towards the ball from deep in the circle i.e. from the post on the goal line in doing so they will hopefully be taking the defender with them. The player taking the free hits the ball towards this moving player running at the ball (towards his/her left foot). The player running has to pretend to stop the ball but at the last minute lifts up the stick and let the ball run on into the created space by the post (or behind them if they run from different areas in the circle). Another player should be arriving into this space as the ball arrives and score the goal.good luck

decoy run

I find it very useful to talk through the point of the "free in." And in a game situation how goals are scored. It is usually through deflection, someone aquiring space for a shot or a rebound. With my girls, i encourage them to move around and preferabley outside posts, to create space by dragging out the defenders. Players should come short to player to open up the tee up shot for player taking the free hit. Once the ball is launched into the D, the forwards will have to commit to deflecting it into the goal, at least making the goalkeeper work.

More a supplementary than an answer, we have the auto play rule now in oz which means you can't just move the ball directly into the D. This is making it doubly difficult particularly for juniors to move the ball into the circle, surely not the intent of the law change. I'm encouraging them to move the ball quickly, look back and sideways early.. what are others doing I'd really like umpires to really play advantage near the D or go to penalty corners more as these situations are not very helpful to the attacking team.

According to new rules you cant play straight away into the circle you need to travel 5m or 5 times big hands dribble is compulsory, quick restart will be affective, In free hits at doted circle you can make few set pieces like create a space on top of the circle first and then Ball carrier play a slap shot and ball receiver taking a lead from the marker and come up at top of the circle and deflect the ball in space, remember other players have to ready for this deflection is coming in empty space which created by other players, when receiver receive the ball then both post should be covered by players and try to play ball on defender left foot or second post you can play ball on base line as well its all depend how much space you will create for receiver. Timing is very important in this set piece.

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