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Coaches Objective:

To teach the attacker to eliminate the defender at pace by lifting the ball and changing the direction of it when it's in the air.


When the ball is lifted, the defender will stand more upright, reducing their reach and mobility. It also reduces their chances of making a clean tackle, therefore putting them in a vulnerable position.

Coaching points

  1. The approach line is at the defender (to "stand him up" to force a tackle).
  2. The ball is carried at 1 o'clock on the open stick side and the attacker approaches the defender in a position to pass or drag the bal either way, allowing movement in either direction causing indecision due to a minimum of cues for the defender to read.
  3. The ball is shifted to the left slightly with the stick positioned under the ball, still with and open stick stance. 
  4. From here, the player lifts the ball on the end of their stick towards the defenders reverse stick side, forcing them to shift their weight to their left foot.
  5. With the ball in mid-air, the attacker will knock the ball back outside of their own left foot to their reverse stick side before accelerating away from the challenge. (Start with standing still to perfect this part of the skill, before building up to doing it at pace.)

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