Attacking Footwork And Tackling

category: School

Rugby Attacking footwork and tackling School Grid size is around 5x5m. You can keep changing the size of the grid. The defender must shadow the attac...

Attacking Footwork And Tackling 2

category: School

Rugby Attacking footwork and tackling 2 School Defender should try and keep shoulders square, close down space and focus on the attackers hips. Attac...

Fend Off The Challenge

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Fend off the challenge Off Loads Set Up Line of defenders - 5m apart in staggered formation tackle shield. Individual players move down the lin...

4V2 Attacking Grid

category: Handling

  • Groups 18
  • Balls
  • Cones

Groups of 4 line up on all sides of the square.

2 defenders tand in the middle o...

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Community Drills

Hit and Spin Relay

To turn prior to contact and keep ball alvive.Whatch for accurate passing and check balance and foot work.

Catch the Snake's Tail

1 Player starts with the ball facing a line of 3 or 4 players. The line of players hold on to the waist of the player in front.On coaches whistl...

Foot Work Drill

On the whistle players with the ball must try and score on either line between the blue cones. Defender must come off their cone and try and get ...

Lineout Jump - Follow The Leader

Blue Player is leader and yellow player is followingBlue players objective is to use good foot work to move forward and back within a 5m space to to e...