Contact Relay

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Contact Relay Warm Up Break your players down into groups of 3. In each area there should be 1 player with a tackle shield, 1 player with a tac...

Crossover Relay

category: Passing

Rugby Crossover Relay Passing Keep your player briefing short. ... towards each other, sidestepping to avoid contact before passing the ball either l...

Zig Zag Relay

category: Passing

Rugby League Zig Zag Relay Passing The player with the ball passes to the next player and follows the direction of the ball using a side ... Contact ...

Calf Stretch.

category: Agility-Running-Skills

View this drill. Three Player Circuit. Contact Relay Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Contact Relay. Walking tackle Drill Thumbnail View this drill. ...

Web Videos

Rookie rugby games: relay races

Rookie Rugby Relays are the best way to introduce new skills for athletes. Introduce basics of running with the ball, scoring, passing, catching and s...


Pre-season Burner 2

Get the team excited to be back together again. Pre-season?s going to be a battle, but go and make it fun with this burner!