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Drill to improve players taking the ball into contact and ruck clear out.

Set up a square roughly 5m x 5m. Get two lines of players behind two of the cones with a ball on one side. Get a defender to stand with a hit shield towards the edge of the square where the players are lined up.

The player behind the red cone runs around the opposite red cone, when he enters the square the player behind the green cone passes him the ball and then runs around the opposite green cone to support him. When the player receives the pass he continues running and hits the hit shield, before going to ground and presenting the ball. The support player comes in and clears out the defender with the hit shield.

The players then swap lines and the ball is passed to the front of the line behind the green cones for the drill to continue.

Coaching points

Passing - high outside elbow, hands follow through towards the target

Catching - create a target for the passer to aim for, and dont stop running to catch the ball.

Taking the ball into contact - low, ball carried in hand away from the defender. Hit the shield with the shoulder, drive the legs and then go to ground and present

Rucking - low, hit the pad with shoulder and wrap arms, drive legs to push defender back

Drill tags: 2v1, clear out, game related, ruck, support, tackle

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