Race To Cone - 3 V 2

category: Decision-making

One ball and 6 cones. 15m x 15m. Setup the practice as shown. The first two players run up to the half way line of the grid and place the ball down b...

4 Vs 1 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

Players work in groups of six, with 1 ball per group and set up in the following way: 4 attackers vs 1 defender (between the first cones) and another ...

4 Vs 1

category: Tag-Rugby

Groups of 5 Combine grids to make 2 channels each 10m x 20m 1 Ball per group Ball carrier tries to score a try by running past the defender. Support p...

7 V 3

category: Decision-making

Groups of tenOne ball per groupDefenders equidistant, can only move forwards and backwardsAttackers bunched to startOnce at the end turn straight arou...

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