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Drill to practice team shapes or backs moves against a defence with less numbers than the attack.

Set up a "ruck" with a scrum half/feeder, 3 defenders on the back foot of the "ruck" and 4 attackers opposite them. The attackers attack the defence, then turn round and attack back the way they have just come. 


  • Change the set up of the attack, for example a blindside winger or full back in behind
  • Change the number of attack/defence
  • Change the defensive system (e.g. hammer, blitz, ice, up and out, umbrella)
  • Coaching points

    The attack need to identify where the space is, and which moves are most effective to attack that space

    Encourage the attackers to work out which moves/shapes work best to beat the different defensive systems

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    Drill tags: 4v3, attack, backs, defence, ruck, tackle

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