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  • This is a backs moves passing exercise, aimed at drawing and fixing up a defender, to give a supporting teammate more space and take the defender out of the play
  • 3 attackers line up along one side of the area, 2 defenders stand next to each other on the short side next to the coach
  • On GO, the defenders run into position and the coach passes to the first attacker
  • The attacker runs with the ball towards the first defender before passing sideways to their teammate
  • That player then runs at the second defender and before contact passes across to the spare attacker to run to the other end of the area.

Coaching points

  • Attackers should directly at the defender to make them think that they need to make a tackle
  • Then as late as possible make the pass
  • Ensure passes are of a good height and weight to other attackers
  • Defenders will understand the point of the exercise, but should still act as if they don't know what the attackers will do.

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Drill tags: fix up, fixing, passing

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