Footwork Into 1 V 1

category: Agility-Running-Skills

  • The aim of the drill is to develop SAQ And beating a defender

Numbered Mismatch

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following....

  1. They each have a number, 1, 2, and 3.
  2. They will jog up and down the grid, until the coach...

Scrum Profile 1 V 1

category: Scrum

  • The aim of the drill is to develop strong positive profiling and to develop core-stability against opposition. 1v1

Step Up

category: Sevens

  • The attacker goes when ready, and must round either the top or bottom cone.
  • The defender must mirror the movements of the attacker o...

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Community Drills

Close and Wide

Set up at Posts 3 metre out round a cone then 4 v 1 v 1 in tight space Round another cone then 4 v 1 in wide space

1 v 1 warm up

5m x 5m gridTwo Handed TouchCan score on the two sidesOne go at itEvasive Skills - AttackReduce the Space as defender - Defence