Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up a grid roughly 7m x 5m with three lines of attackers on one side (blue), and two defenders on the other (red). The aim of the drill is for attackers to execute 3 vs 2 situations and score. The defenders can only move side to side between the red cones.

The attackers start with the ball and run towards the try line (red cones). The ball carrier has two options of who to pass to, the near support player or the wide support player. The ball carrier must draw the first defender and then react to the movement of the second defender to decide who to pass to. He passes to his support player who scores. 

Once the attacker scores he passes the ball to the next set of attackers who attack against the same defenders. The previous attackers get in position for the next repetition.

The attack can start from any of the players, it does not have to start at the same side each time.

Coaching points

Drawing a defender - Run at the defender and make him make a decision. Dummy the pass to see if he follows or commits to the ball carrier, once he is committed to either the ball carrier or the support player either pass the ball to the support player or run and score.

Passing - high outside elbow, hands follow through towards the target

Drill tags: attack, game, group practice, passing

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