Rugby Drill Demonstration


Mark an area 15m wide and 20m long.

3 Attackers vs 2 Defence vs 2 Defence

Have the 2 lines of 2 Defenders 5-7m apart


The 3 Attackers beat the first 2 defenders and then attack and beat the 2nd line.

If an Attacker is touched by a Defender then they have to pass the ball.


Stop every 2-3 runs to do stretches for a minute.


To reset the play:

The last 2 Attacking players to touch the ball become the second line of defense. The 2 Defenders from the original first defensive line move forward and with the other leftover Attacker they become the new Attackers.

Make sure every player has a few rotations in Attack and Defence.

Get the Attackers not to start in the same position every time.

Coaching points

This works on decision making for both Attackers and Defenders.

  • There's always an Attacker free because the drill is overloaded. Once the Attackers get past the first line of Defenders then they need to be aware of where Defenders and space are and who to pass to
  • Identification of who the free Attacker is (the one with space) through visual cues and communication
  • Defenders should try to put 2 hands on the Attacker's shorts to replicate a game situation
  • Good identification of space and communication from support

Drill tags: 3v2, attack, decision, defence, game, movement, skills, warm up

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