Rebound - Groups

category: Rebounding

Netball Rebound - groups Rebounding White player 1 throws to Red player 1 and then follows in to mark and catch the rebound from the Red player's sho...

Mark And Rebound

category: Rebounding

Netball Mark and rebound Rebounding One shooter from each side runs out and into the circle. X passes the ball to the free shooter who balances then ...

Reach And Receive

category: Rebounding

Netball Reach and Receive Rebounding Player 1 feeds the ball for player 2 to reach out and retrieve with or without a jump Players to be 1m apart as ...


category: Rebounding

Netball Dodge/Shoot/Rebound Rebounding Blue player 1 dodges to receive from blue 2. The player inside the circle then returns the pass and dodges aga...

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