Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: One ball, 5+ players.

  1. Set up two lines of players facing each other with one passer in the middle.
  2. Ball starts with front player in line. 
  3. Player delivers a pass to the stationary passer, receives it back in the middle and passes in front to opposing line. Player then joins back of the line.

 Progression 1: Add in change of movement

  1. Keep the same set up.
  2. Instead of driving straight through. Players now drive out (away from stationary passer) and then change direction to drive towards passer and receive a straight pass.
  3. Ball then gets passed to opposing line, as before and player joins that line.

 Progression 2: Add light defence

  1. Keep set up the same with the change indirection.
  2. Add in a defensive player to disrupt the area.

 Progression 3: Increase defence

  1. Add in another defender of get the original defender to become more ‘active’.

Coaching points

Players should be running on to the ball.

The drive and change of direction should be sharp and not loopy.


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