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Player 2 moves into the circle to receive a ball from blue player 1.

Blue 1 immediately moves in to take up the rebound position with the defender (green player 1) and battle for the rebound.

  • If the shot is put up from A, the rebound position is the area marked by the semi circle.
  • The player must guard this area from her opponent.

Coaching points

Encourage players to drive onto the pass from player 2 to lose the defender to allow herself to set up for the shot unopposed.

Players should be setting up to shoot as soon as they have received the ball - they only have 3 seconds from receiving the ball to releasing it.

Shooting Technique:

  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Bent knees as if you were going to jump in the air
  • One hand holds the ball in the fingertips the other hand steadies the ball
  • Keep the body straight - head up and back straight
  • Focus at the back of the ring instead of the front
  • Let go of the ball as you straighten your legs
  • You should end the shot on your tiptoes
  • Arms follow through towards the ring

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