Figure Of 8 Defence

category: Defence

Netball Figure of 8 defence Defence Players work in pairs with one ball and three ... Develop your players understanding and use of fast, accurate fo...

Figure Of Eight

category: Interception

Netball Figure of eight Interception Split players into pairs with one ball and three cones, placed in a triangle. The feeder stands above the top of...

Defending Footwork With Ball

category: Interception

Netball Defending footwork with ball Interception In pairs ball between two player 1 holds the ball infront. As player 2 ... Figure of 8 defence Dril...

Figure Of 8

category: Ball-skills

Netball Figure of 8 Ball skills Figure of 8 through the legs, try to keep only one hand on the ball as much as possible. ... One handed passing Drill...

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Netball figure 8 drill

Netball figure of 8 Drill !! Focus on fast footwork and intercepting the pass with two hands.