Running The Gauntlet (With Ball)

category: Zone-defence

Netball Running the Gauntlet (with ball) Zone defence To be played in groups of 8. 2 defenders stand in each section of the court. 2 attackers work t...

2 Vs 1 In The Circle

category: Zone-defence

Netball 2 vs 1 in the Circle Zone defence The 2 defenders inside the circle must ensure one of them is always marking the attacker inside the circle....

End Zone Game

category: Small-games

Netball End Zone Game Small games End zone ball, with 2 designated ... Develop your team's defending skills with this session, by focusing on closing...


Developing your team's Zone Defence

Use this plan to improve your players' zone defence skills, teaching them to work together to push the opposition wide, deny space and regain possessi...


Zone Defence for Beginners!

Develop your young players' ability to work as a team - denying space and pressuring their opponent to win back possession!



Community Drills

2 V 2 pass and move

Attackers simply have to make their way through the defensive zone without being intercepted by the defeneders. Ensure there are no less th...

Defensive zone out

Split teams for half court set up eachAttacking ball movement/sequence - C to WA to GS to GADefense players allow pass to be received and delivered, t...