Quickest Way Up The Court

category: Group-practices

Netball Quickest way up the court Group practices Set out the players as shown. ... Attacking Principle: Straight Line Ball and Centre Pass Set Plays...

Numbers Game - Quick Passing Attack

category: Small-games

Netball Numbers Game - Quick Passing Attack Small games Have two evenly numbered teams lining up on either side of the netball court. To start the dr...


category: Footwork

Netball Suicides Footwork A tough fitness exercise that works your players' ... Players all line up on the baseline and must run out to each line (st...

Touch Pass And Shoot

category: Shooting

The rest of your players line up on the baseline. Running one at a time players run out, touch the ball in the passer's hands and then run backwards ...


Community Drills

Roller Ball

Rules:You can only pass the ball by rolling along the floor.Players have 3 seconds to pass.No 3 foot marking, players can only look to intercept the p...