What are some good warm up drills?

What are some good warm up drills?

What are some good warm up drills that could be used with a group of approximately 20-30 girls? I need to make sure they are all doing something otherwise they get distracted and lose their concentration.

Netball CoachCoach
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

bib tag would probably be good if they are younger (U12). which is basically a game of tiggy or tag, but with a training bib tucked in the back of their shorts. you break the group into 2 teams, and giive one group bibs who tuck it into the back of their shorts. the idea is the non bibs have to get as many bibs from the opposition team as they can. if someone has their bib removed then they can help one of their team members from getting caught. contact rules apply, so you need to use footwork and body position to stop the person from getting the bib. after x time switch. the team with the most points from getting bibs wins.

also dodge ball using yoga balls is a lot of fun. i play that with my netsetgo kids who are 5-6. but not throwing of the ball only rolling.

for older kids, i probably would set up a circuit, using ladders, skipping ropes, hurdles, cones, burpees, forwards and back fast feet, hopping, jumping, what ever you can think of, and how many stations you think you will need to keep the kids moving most of the time. just do maybe 1-2 mins at each station before moving on.

hope that helps.

Allie CollyerCoach, Australia

A good one for a big group (I have done this with over 50 girls) is line them all up along the base line of a few courts. They have to have fast feet and react quickly to me - I yell out pitter patter and they get going, then yell left, right, up (jump), back (they have to jump back with hands up and try to get 3 feet) and then run (where they sprint to the first third line). It is exhausting but fun as they all turn at the same time.

Another for a large group is to get them jogging slowly in a line around several courts, the back person has to sprint to the front, when they get there the next back person sprints to the front etc. They have to talk and encourage each other and stay very close so no big gaps or people being left behind.

There are heaps of warm up drills on here that can be used for large groups.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

that last one is even better when you have a ball that you have to pass over the top of your head to the person behind you and the last one sprints to the front with the ball and start again.

Netball CoachCoach

Thank you very much Allie Collyer and Lee-annes. That has given me more of an idea as to what i could use at my school.


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