Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up:

  • 2 balls
  • a third court space
  • 8+ players
  • 4 lines, 2 facing eachother.


  • 2 players (workers) from front of the lines swith no ball, drive straight to receive a flat pass from the line directly opposite.
  • Ball is passed back and working player changes angle to receive a lob over top.
  • Working player turns and passes ball back to the line they started in then diagonally cuts across to the opposite line
  • Worker drives onto ball and receives a flat pass from the receiver of previous pass.
  • Worker passes to the line diagonally opposite from where they started.

Coaching points

  • Strong driving on to the ball.
  • Strong cuts.
  • Passes need to be accurate to keep time with the opposite line.

Common errors:

  • Passes not passed into space- should pass into the space for player to drive on to. 
  • Communication- Especially in switch over.



Add in defence (1-4 players with bibs on to distiguish). These can be roaming defence or area defence within a given space using dots/cones/lines.

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