3D Forehand Lift Over Stick

category: 3D-skills

To do this skill the players should run to the left of each wooden stick and reverse stick drag the ball to their right, then forehand lift the ball, ...

Reverse Stick Lift

category: 3D-skills

Now try to lift the ball with only one change of direction and on the reverse stick side again the ball rolls onto the reverse (at slight angle) and...

Web Videos

Field hockey tricks - freestyle hockey

Manu and Richard´s skills in Club hockey Benalmádena Manu: 16 years old (adidas stick) Richard: 13 years old (TK stick) Edited by Richard Blankenstein...


Community Drills

Oklahoma Sneak

A to B. B then cuts and goes through the cones working on their stick skills. The B powers up in a b-line to see that player C has cut to take the pas...