Typical session for Juniors

Typical session for Juniors

Why wont this session open for me when i log in its not there ??

Onny GajadharCoach, New Zealand
Archie DunnillCoach, England

It seems like you are having trouble accessing a session plan for junior field hockey players. Without access to the specific session plan you're referring to, I can provide you with a typical session structure for junior field hockey players:

  1. Warm-Up (10-15 minutes): Start with a dynamic warm-up including movements like jogging, high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, and leg swings. Incorporate some stick and ball work to start getting players comfortable with their equipment.
  2. Skill Development (20-30 minutes):
  • Passing and Receiving: Work on fundamental passing and receiving skills. Use drills like the 4 vs 2 passing drill or the triangle passing drill from your recommended practices.
  • Dribbling: Set up dribbling courses where players can practice ball control, stick skills, and maintaining possession under pressure.
  1. Game Understanding (10-15 minutes): Focus on teaching the juniors basic game concepts such as positioning, marking, and team tactics. You can set up small-sided games or drills to reinforce these concepts.
  2. Small-Sided Games (20-30 minutes): Divide the players into small teams and play modified games like 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 to work on skills in a game-like situation. Encourage players to apply the skills they've learned in a more competitive setting.
  3. Cooldown and Stretching (10 minutes): Finish the session with a cooldown that includes light jogging and stretching to help prevent injuries and aid recovery.

As for the issue with the missing session plan, I recommend reaching out to your coach or the person responsible for setting up the sessions to inquire about the availability or access to the plan. It's possible that there was a technical issue or oversight that can be resolved by the appropriate person.

Archie DunnillCoach, England

Here are some recommended session plans that focus on passing and receiving drills, which are essential skills for junior field hockey players:

  1. Slap Hit Zone Game:
  • This session plan focuses on improving passing skills and ball movement. It involves 4 players working together to move the ball across the box. You can access the practice plan here
  1. Space Pass:
  • The Space Pass session plan is designed to help players work on passing and receiving skills in motion. Player 1 runs across the pitch with the ball while passing to teammates. You can find this session plan here.
  1. Wall Pass Relay:
  • In this drill, players pass the ball back and forth along the wall in a relay format. It helps in improving passing accuracy, communication, and wall play techniques. Access the session plan here.
  1. Wall Pass Under Pressure:
  • This session plan focuses on passing under defensive pressure. Players work in a group of 4, with one player in the middle trying to intercept passes. It helps in developing quick decision-making and accurate passing. View the practice plan here.

These recommended practices can be beneficial for junior field hockey players to enhance their passing and receiving skills in various game situations. Feel free to incorporate these drills into your training sessions for a well-rounded development of your players.

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