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I'm new to coaching and i'm coaching a team that barely knows how to even hold a stick properly. Where can i start with improving there skills and hockey kowledge ?

Hi Liancke, 

Starting out with a completely new team needs you to start building the fundamentals of play. Initially, making sure they understand the concepts of the game, the overall aims and fundamentals rules. 

Once these are established, the players should have a better understanding of at least what they want to achieve. Next, start off with some really basic passing drills, this skill is essentially what hockey is built around, so by getting them to a level where they can pass and receive the ball effectively, you can begin to introduce more complex skills.

I would suggest playing fun games once they have the basic ideas/skills to pass and receive. Play in a small area and put the players into pairs with one ball between two. They have to be passing to each other whilst avoiding the other players in the small area. This will give them the opportunity to recognise space and make them used to playing with others moving around them. 

Check out the drills and search for beginners sessions on Sportplan to give yourself a better idea! 

In the mean time, use this drill to develop their passing skills.

I hope this helps!

Up and down passing comp

Video / Animation
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set out 4 5 by 5 metre squares with cones with a 5 m space between the squares.

Players in pairs with 1 ball between them.

players all start by passing the ball 2 touch across the square. (1 stop 2 pass)

Coaching Points:

The competition.

The 2 players on court 1 have to successfully pass the ball 2 touch across the square 5 times , everytime they make a mistake they start to count again at 1.

When they achieve 5 they can move to court 2 and the players on court 2 move down to court 1.

On court 2 for  the players to move up to the next court they have to pass the ball 10X successfully across.

on court 3 players have to pass 15x and on the top court the players have to try and get the highest passing series without a mistake.

If 2 or 3 courts all achieve their target scores at the same time they all move up and the pair on the highest court drop down to court on in on move.

In my experience it comes down to the more time with sticks in hand the better.

simple passing and trapping between 2 people about 5m apart is something that i coach for every team from first timers to high levels as part of a warm up before every training session and game. 

Basic skills like controlling the ball though a line of cones and simple little skill games work well. 


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