Tracking Hit

category: Tackling

Rugby Tracking hit Tackling Tracking hit (2 x 10 minutes in split groups) Set up 3 different colour cones on the gain line. 2m spacing (set up 3-4 ar...

Tackle Progression 1V1

category: Tackling

Rugby Tackle Progression 1v1 Tackling 1. Tracking Create a V shaoped conned area. Defender at one end, attacker at the other end. Attacker attempts t...

1V1 Clap Tackle - Warm Up

category: Tackling

Coaching points · Keep on toes. · Small steps. · Boxer stance. · Foot in close as possible to Attacker. · Drive not dive - stay close to attacke...

Passing & Evasion

category: Sevens

Trackers will pass the ball and tag the evades. Evade simply avoid getting tagged with the ball. If tagged, a player must join the tracking team. The...


Tackle and Defence

Make the tackle and build a rock solid defence with this defensive session!



Community Drills

Tracking 1

Players on command contest for ball over tackle bagThen move to triangle where inside player shadows outside ball carier fro 30 seconds When outs...


Getting players of the line trackinf the "D" for a positive hitAlways press up first before tracking across field


Coach calls color and d has to fill up ABCD . Attack then from color ruck off.TRACKING , GET OF LINE. MAKE positive HITS