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Tracking hit (2 x 10 minutes in split groups)


Set up

3 different colour cones on the gain line. 2m spacing (set up 3-4 areas with 2 pads)

Defender starts in the middle cone. Attacker has a pad. On "GO" the Attacker with the pad runs straight to one of the 3 cones.The coach can shout a colour to direct the Attacker to a certain cone. The Attacker must run straight to it. This drill will test Defender's front on and side on tackles: left and right.

Coaching points

Track, hit, wrap, leg drive

  1. Track: Players should watch the opposition, and move into a position accordingly, moving forward to the Attacker. Setting up for the tackle is key and with this footwork becomes important. The Defender should aim to get their feet close to the Attacker as this makes the contact with the shoulder easier.
  2. Hit: Defenders should be in a crouching position pushing forward with the shoulder. This stops the momentum of the Attacker. The hit should be below the ribcage and if they can get it even lower then this is preferable.
  3. Wrap: Once the Defender's shoulder has hit, they should wrap their arms around the Attacker to keep them close to their shoulder (if the hit was on the legs then they are stopping the legs moving).
  4. Leg drive: The Defender should keep taking steps into the Attacker, pushing their legs through to become dominant. Easier to take energy and momentum from attacking player.This takes away the Attacker's momentum.


Positioning for the tackles

  • Front on: The Defender will tackle straight, but they need to get their head to one side (which they can pick based on personal choice).
  • Side on: Tackling the side of the Attacker. Different foot positioning to get the shoulder in. The Defender's head position should be behind the Attacker's back, bottom or legs depending on how high the tackle is. Ideally they will have tackled the legs.

Average rating

Drill tags: 1v1, defence, defending, movement, side, tackling

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