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Template for Stats???

I want to start taking stats and analysis for my team. Does anyone use or know where I can find a Stats templte sheet for quick notes during  game. From 1st phase play to detailed stats for phases.

For example. Who took ball inruck? Won or lost? number of players commited to ruck.what happened aft? How quick the ball came out...ext ext.

Hope someone can help or advise.



Depends if you are doing this live or watching a video afterwards. Doing it live, pitchside then stick to the basics unless you can delegate to others 

Pass, Tackle, Missed Tacke, Ruck, Maul, Lineout, Scrum, Line Break, Try, Penalty

If doing it after a game then use free software like longomatch. You can create your own template. Easier to do things like time etc as you can pause and rewind.

Really there is no set template as depends what you want to look at, you can't look at everything. I've used software that costs £1000 and it covers the basics. 

A suggestion would be just pen and paper using the following codes.

Pass - P then player number

Tackle - T then player number 

Miss Tackle - MT then player number

Scrum - S Then O=ours, T=theirs, W=won, L=lost (eg SOW)

Ruck - R Then O=ours, T=theirs, W=won, L=lost (eg ROL)

Maul - M Then O=ours, T=theirs, W=won, L=lost (eg MTW)

Line-Out - L Then O=ours, T=theirs, W=won, L=lost (eg LTL)

Try - T then player number

Kick - K and player number

Penalty - PEN then T=touch, G=goal, S=scrum, T=tap and go (eg PEN G)

Line Break - LB and player number

break each phase with a new line so an example might be

P9, P10, P12, T, ROW, P9, T, ROW, P9, P13, T, ROL 

P,P,P,P, T15, RTL, P, P, T4


This is good advice Stephen - I have always used Excel worksheets and they are easy to print out to use on the side of the pitch and then you can enter the data later.

Players love seeing how they are progressing and how they did during a match - how many tackles made etc.

If any coaches out there have a better solution it would be good to hear of it.




I'm new to Rugby coaching but have coached lacrosse for about 15. Anyway I have extensive spreadsheets for lacrosse. Having them on the sidelines keeps me focused. I have to admit I have no idea how a rugby stat sheet should look. Could you email a sample? For lacrosse I copied the Official Stat Book pages. Is there such a thing for Rugby?



[link removed]

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