Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Players start at the top of the triangle.
  • Coach calls colours, 2/3 at a time.
  • Player moves to the called cone, and returns to the start each time.
  • Player should remain facing forward at all times, back tracking when they need to.
  • Coach calls GO and players sprint 10 meters.

Coaching points

Focus on the coaching points that apply to your session goals, don't be afraid to have you own coaching points for this part of the warm-up.

  • Small steps within the triangle.
  • Players work on the balls of their feet.
  • Fast feet, the tempo of the exercise is high.
  • Controlled in rhythm arm action, driving with the arms - not pumping.
  • Head is up, accessing everything that is happening.
  • Explosive drive with legs on GO call, focusing on the drive forward with the upper body.


Have an assistant coach stand at the top of the training area with coloured cones. Players are asked which colour is showing - heads up.

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Drill tags: agility, change of direction, dodging, sidestep, speed, warm up

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