Keep Passing

category: Sevens

Rugby Keep Passing Sevens Tell your players the following..... 3 players start on the right cones. The remaining 3 players will be running, they star...

Keep The Ball Game

category: Passing

Rugby: Keep The Ball Game · Description Tell your players the following: · Coaching points Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the followin...

They Just Keep Coming

category: Passing

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, you may have your own. Select the points that most closely match your over...

Closed Leg Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Closed Leg Pass Passing The aim of the exercise is to develop 1 Step Closed leg pass to encourage the attacker to keep square.


Community Drills

Crusaders Drill - Step 3 (Finish)

Keep Passing across line until the ball gets to the 4th man.Last man in group 1, will deliver a soft pass to ball carrier in Group 2, & the proces...