Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Using cones, mark out a training area 15 meters x 10 meters.
  • Split your players into groups of 2.
  • Allocate 4 groups of 2 to each training area.
  • If you can, give each group of two their own ball.
  • Have enough training areas to keep all of your players as busy and active as possible.
  • Tell your players the following......
  1. Players in pairs with a ball between them.
  2. The player on the left starts with the ball and passes the ball to the player to the right. The player with the ball then runs diagonally across the grid, while the player without the ball crosses/switches over behind the ball carrier, ready to receive the ball at the next cone.
  3. They continue passing left to right and crossing over in each grid until they reach the end. Once at the end they run back to the start to the right of the grid, practicing the same skill on the way back but without cones to guide them.
  • Progression: Add in a defender with a ruck shield, just to add a little pressure.

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