Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players to do the following.......

  1. The two passing players keep passing the ball until the coach shouts GO.
  2. On GO, the player holding the ball is an attacker, the other two attackers will go with that players.
  3. The remaining passer becomes a defender, and will join the defence with the two defenders at the bottom of the grid.
  4. On GO - the attack begins, and the defence should try and stop them.
  5. The attack aims to score a try at the bottom of the grid.
  6. Following each attack the players should return to their positions, but should swap around.
  • You might decide to start this as a touch exercise, then go to contact.

Coaching points

  • Communication is central to the attack and the defence.
  • The attack must be quick to take advantage of the defender that is behind the attacking line.
  • Attackers must seek to fix defenders and stop any drift.
  • Attacker must move at pace onto the ball.
  • Attackers line, are at speed and towards pace.
  • Attackers draw defenders away from where they with to pass the ball.
  • The attack should have freedom to experiment and be creative, if we can't try new things in training - where can we?

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