Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.....

  1. The first attacking until enters through the top of the first channel, the defender there can then move forward and challenge them.
  2. They should complete the 2 v 1 and proceed down the channel, entering the second channel, completing a second 2 v 1.
  3. They will then return to their starting position for the next opportunity to attack.
  4. The second attacking group should go whenever they feel there is enough distance between the attacking units.
  5. There should be very little standing around.
  • This exercise can be touch or contact.
  • You should change the defenders after a set period of time.

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier, carries the ball in two hands.
  • Ball carried draws and fixes the defender.
  • If the defender drifts too early, the ball carrier attacks the resulting space.
  • The support runner and the ball carry always communicate.
  • The seeks to apply pressure to force a pass, but does not over commit.

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