Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following......

  1. The ball carrier runs across the grid with the ball.
  2. The opposite player becomes the defender and can tackle.
  3. The remaining two players become support options.
  4. The ball carrier should aim to beat the defender, if they can't they should aim to off-load the ball, if they can't do that - they should aim to pop the ball off the deck, and finally if they can't to that - they should present the ball on the floor.
  5. One of the support players should take the ball, the remaining support player becomes a defender.
  6. And so the sequence repeats.
  7. That's it, lets get to work.

Coaching points

  • Talk about decision making with your players, and agree a framework. Discuss the decisions that can be made, when they should be made, the pros and cons.
  • Encourage players to make decisions quickly.
  • Attackers carry the ball in two hands.
  • Communication between the ball carrier and support is vital.
  • Player should make a decision, even if it's the wrong decision, we can learn from that.

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