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This passing exercise will keep large groups of players busy passing, running onto, and moving the ball in traffic without the need to spend large amounts of time standing around and doing very little. It's a little confusing to start with, but when the players get going - it's great fun and very busy.

  1. Create a large box, the size is up to you and can be varied depending on your coaching goals.
  2. Each side of the box should have 4/5 players, more or less if you wish, standing in an attacking passing line - ready to go.
  3. You'll need two balls, give one ball to the first player on one of the lines, and the other to the last player on the line opposite.
  4. The lines advance passing the ball down the line as they go - they will pass through one another.
  5. When the ball gets to the end of the line, the last ball holder passes the ball to the first receiver of the line closest to them - and that line advances.
  6. There should be two lines active at any one time, and two lines getting ready to go. I hope that makes sense!

Coaching points

  • Lots of communication, use names.
  • Walk it, jog it, and then run it at speed.
  • Hands out ready to catch the ball.
  • Judge the pass, does the ball really need to spin over short distances.
  • Catch, look, draw the ball across the body and follow through with the hands when passing.
  • Keep your head up, scan for traffic, side step when needed, and time your pass.
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