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Pre Season: Contact Conditioning and Skills Session Thumbnail
Pre Season: Contact Conditioning and Skills

As the start of the season nears, continue to build your players resilience to contact and ensure they?re up to speed with their physical conditioning with this demanding session.

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  • This exercise is designed to improve quick handling and passing off both hands.
  • Set out four cones in a zig zag shape, with at least two players on each cone.
  • The player on the end cone starts with the ball, and takes a couple of steps forward before passing to the player diagonal to them.
  • This continues along the line. When the player at the other end collects the ball, they pass to the player on the cone next to them (the ball had just arrived from a player on that cone).

Coaching points

  • Ensure that players are running onto the ball to receive.
  • Handling should be quick to pass the ball off to the next player.
  • The drill flows both ways along the zig zag to ensure that players pass to the left and to the right.
  • Keep mentioning to players that passes need to be sideways and backwards in the exercise - players running forwards with ball and without ball should prevent this - but keep mentioning.

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