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Spin pass for a 14-year old boy?

I need coaching points on how to spin passin a casual game how to quickly get it away

Hello Sarah,

Attached is a good progression session on how to spin pass. Start by using one hand passing ensures that the player really has to focus on where their hands finishing position (should be pointed at their target). It is important that the spin passed isn't forced, the ball should roll off the fingertips, that should give the ball the spin. When the player has mastered off both hands one hand passing, the second hand is introduced, as a guiding hand, however, does very little on the power and spin of the ball. All the power and sping comes from the hand at the back of the ball. 

Passing key Coaching points;

Grip: 10 points of contact on the ball, all fingertips, one hand at the back of the ball other at the front,  gripping the seam of the ball can make this easier. 

Pass: Power is generated from the hand at the back of the ball, the front hand is just for guidance, the ball should roll of the fingertips (this should generate the spin, DO NOT FORCE IT).

Finish: Hands should finish pointing at the target - this ensures accuracy. 

To quickly get the ball away;

- Ensure hands are up and out in front of you when receiving the catch.

- Catch the ball early, and keep the ball off the chest. 

- Make sure you turn your head and have a line of sight with the player they are passing too. 

- Finish with hands pointed at the target. 

Passing Technique Progression

Video / Animation
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1. Square on: one hand 

Stand square on, in your partners pass the ball back and forth no more than 5m away from eachother, rember use 1 hand and start with ball on hip. 

2. Side on: one hand 

Same again but no stand side on. 

3. One step: two hands 

Same distance apart, introduce the second hand and take a step and pass try to do 10 off each hand. 


Coaching Points:

1. Square on: one hand 

Grip - hand back of the ball, fingers apart. 

Pass - finish with hand pointing at target, Do not force spin - let the ball roll off the fingers, Ball on hip - do not swing the ball - powerful motion from hip. 

2. Side on: one hand 

Grip: same as above 

Pass: same as above: use the non passing hand as an aim point and pass.

3. One step: two hands 

Step: Step with the outside foot (if step on inside will block the pass - more difficult) 

Grip:same as above, other hand just guides the pass same hand position, ball on hip. (the non power hand is a guidence - shouldnt add any power or spin) 

Pass: same as aobove but bow follow the pass, this will add power and accuracy. Over exagerate the finish with hands pointing at the target. 


Full process: catch pass --> head turns --> stay square --> ball on hip --> hands finish at target.


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  • search our library of 1100+ rugby drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans